Douglas Howatt 


I’m a resourceful and original thinker, sought for creative insights and precise writing; an imaginative copywriter, storyteller and editor with broad marketing insights. Contact me for simple writing about complex things for all channels of communication and multicultural audiences. I find the overlap between what you have to say and what your audience wants to hear. My experience is in agencies, consulting and corporations, large and small.

My Story

 My experience ranges across diverse markets and companies:

  • Agencies: BBDO, Chiat/Day, Kenyon & Eckhardt
  • Enterprise Software: Business Objects, Informatica, Ingres
  • Consumer Software: Digital Research, Software Publishing, Xerox PARC
  • Systems: AB Sciex, Everex, GE Calma, Hitachi Data Systems
  • Devices: Maxtor, Quantum, Sun Microsystems
  • Retail: Businessland, Mattel Electronics, McDonald’s, Mitsubishi Electronics

Over the years I've won some writing awards.

  • 2012 GDUSA American Inhouse Design Award: Hitachi Data Systems Website Homepage
  • B/PAA Lantern Award for advertising copywriting.

Your Story

Let me write your story. Or emailer. Ad, white paper, poster.

Does it have words? I can help.